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"THEFT TALK"™ Counseling Service Inc. is a nonprofit organization which was established in 1983. By our company name it should be clear that we specialize in theft offender counseling. We are based in Portland, Oregon and have nine employees.

Our Mission: "To change the way people think about stealing."

We make every effort to utilize and implement evidence based interventions, consistently 86% of our clients do not reoffend within the first year and only 84% two years after completing our program.
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Time Magazine Reports 6% increase in Shopolifting

Services Offered
"THEFT TALK"™ offers adult and juvenile small group theft / shoplifting classes to people who live in the Portland metro area. We also have adult spanish sessions for Portland metro area clients and juvenile sessions in southern Oregon. All of our theft services are also offered online. We have an individualized approach for very young people who have a problem with stealing. Our Mass Transit program is a diversion program allowing juveniles to avoid Court and large fines. PACT is a unique program designed to help parents who are having trouble in the legal system because of failure to pay child support. This program has been characterized as, "an attitude-changing program"

  • Adult Group Sessions (Clack., Mult. and Wash. Counties)
  • Juvenile Group Sessions (Clack., Mult. & Wash. Counties)
  • Online Theft Class (Oregon Only)
  • Online Theft Class (All other states)
  • Correspondence / Workbook Theft Class
  • Transit Class Public Transp. System juvenile violation Class.
  • Temper Talk™ Online Anger Management Classes.
  • PACT™ Parents are Consistently there.

Information for Professionals Referring to "THEFT TALK"™
"THEFT TALK"™ makes every effort to accommodate the needs of the court, school or agency that referred a client to any of our programs. Please feel free to contact us to confirm or verify a person's status. We offer embossed Certificates of Completion for each of our in-person classes. For those who complete the program online the client can print his/her own certificate. Who is appropriate to refer to a "THEFT TALK"™ program? How to make a referral to "THEFT TALK"™


Theory and Philosophy
"THEFT TALK's"™ theory and philosophy are unique, quite specific and specialized. In brief, the message is that people are individually responsible for their behavior. When people make the choice to steal, they have control over their actions and choices. Often times they make these choices based on misconceptions and/or inadequate information.

History of "THEFT TALK"™
The underlying concepts of "THEFT TALK"™ Counseling Service originated between 1975 and 1983. Two Juvenile Court Counselors felt ineffective as they worked within the juvenile justice system and set out to improve their skills.

Privacy and Copyright Information
When you contact "THEFT TALK"™ or when you register for services from "THEFT TALK"™, we may ask you to provide personal information. "THEFT TALK"™ uses the information collected from you to provide services to you or to solicit information from you regarding the quality of services we provided or outcomes for the services we provided. "THEFT TALK"™ does not sell, rent, or lease our customer list to third parties. TTCS Privacy Rights

Driving Directions
Directions to our class locations. . . .
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Victim Specific Resources

It is the policy of "THEFT TALK"™ to not practice or condone unlawful discrimination in any form.


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Small Group Theft/Shoplifting Class:
Register for a Small Group Session, (Portland Metro only). Certificate of Completion issued by counselor at end of class. You can register online here or call 503 .771 . 2542 10am to 5pm M-F.

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Online Theft/Shoplifting Class (Adult or Juvenile):
Adult or Juvenile Theft Class. First Register, then pick your class and pay. The fee is $85 for the adult 6 hour class; $120 for the adult or juvenile 8 hour class. The Juvenile 4hr class costs $45. It is all done online. You can stop and start whenever you want. Certificate automatically issued upon completion. Be sure your court/agency allows the online class.

Oregon Only - Register for Online Class

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Transit Online Class (Public Transportation):
Our online Transit Class is a diversion class for juvenile offenders. The fee is $23. It is all done online. You can stop and start whenever you want. This is a diversion program and, as such, if you have been referred to the Transit Class, court hearings and fines are waived upon completion. [Register] . . . [Return to Online Class]

Theft/Shoplifting Workbook:
Adult or Juvenile Theft Workbook conducted through the mail. The fee is $85. We send a workbook to you. You send exam answers to us. Embossed Certificate issued upon completion.

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