Adult Offender Program

"THEFT TALK's"™ Adult Offender Program provides specialized theft counseling either in small groups or private sessions. Most clients are referred by a judge or by their attorney. Many defense attorneys have found that it behooves their client to complete "THEFT TALK"™ prior to court. As with all of "THEFT TALK's"™ programs, a person does not need to be court ordered to our program in order to attend.

Most clients who attend the Adult Offender Program complete a four hour group session with eight to ten other clients. If the client wants further services he can continue to attend groups at no additional cost, unless the client re-offends, or, may schedule private sessions at an additional cost. Our online theft class is also an option.

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Adult Offender Program
Fact Sheet
 "THEFT TALK", a fully accredited 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
Group sizes are small (Quality or quantity? - we choose quality!

Sessions are available (We are available. Clients can normally attend a session without much delay.

We provide easy to use referral forms (One form provides all the information necessary to make a referral.

We call clients to assure attendance (Your referral to "THEFT TALK"T is much more likely to be successful with this procedure.)

We provide prompt client status notification (written) (Our monitoring system is efficient. Timelines are tracked daily. We keep you posted.

Client's present status available during our workweek.
(We have an Office Manager, not an answering service. Verbal answers are available.

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