The underlying concepts of "THEFT TALK"™ Counseling Service originated between 1975 and 1983. Two Juvenile Court Counselors felt ineffective as they worked within the juvenile justice system and set out to improve their skills.

Originally while dealing with juvenile offenders, these men, like the majority of correctional personnel, focused on the deed, stressed consequences and assumed the offender knew what was wrong with stealing. Later, out of personal interest and frustration at watching offenders recycle themselves, they decided to specialize in theft counseling. Our theory and philosophy is outlined in our Approach page.

For a comparison these men began to conduct research with non-delinquent youth and responsible adults. Rather than find a disparity in values and attitudes among the various groups, they discovered a pattern of responses so similar, they were forced to conclude this problem of theft is so ingrained in today's society its' essence is rarely addressed or understood. Basically what we as a society have taught people is "don't get caught, get good."

Thousands of theft offenders later, this exciting program has undergone many changes. Feeling the results of their study and research was too important to keep to themselves, these men founded a corporation, "THEFT TALK"™ Counseling Service Inc., a nonprofit corporation. Since March of 1983 "THEFT TALK"™ Counseling Service Inc. has been a nonprofit corporation and actively involved in theft diversion and prevention counseling throughout Oregon. As a result of "THEFT TALK's"™ focusing in on the specific issue of theft, its staff has become known as the theft prevention/ diversion experts of the Portland Metropolitan area. "THEFT TALK"™ has since built a strong nation wide presence with its online theft programs.

A Year by Year History of "THEFT TALK"™

View a slide show of "THEFT TALK" Over the years . . .

TT is founded, serving Juveniles - 3 hour program costs $17.
TT began its Adult Offender program - we served 275 adults in 1984. We began TIP - Theft Impact Program for schools
TT moved out of the spare bedroom and into its first office where we stayed for 17 years. TT began its young Offender Program and Tri Met Program
StopWatch Program was developed

1/3 of our clients were not showing up for their appointments, so we established the no show policy ($15). The "Friends of Theft Talk" Program was developed.

TT expands to Washington County - both adults and juveniles.
TT expands to offer adult groups in down town Portland - NWSC
Development of the Face to Face Program, combining VORP and TT.

* TT celebrates it's 10 year anniversary with a party and Movie at the Baghdad Theater.

* The First TT Brochure was developed and printed (oh I have a headache just thinking about it!!)

Temper Talk - Anger Management Program is developed

* Expansion began - in this order: Baker Co., Columbia Co., Hood River & Wasco Co, Skamania, Malheur, Union , then Clatsop

* A chapter of TT was established in Klamath Co. by Dianne Tibbetts

Ethics and Standards Document developed. We developed a sliding scale fee system. We expanded to Southern Oregon - Lanette began her role as Regional Manager.

We expanded to Deschutes County.


* We developed the Regional Mgr roles, chaptering ideas and long distance Training.

* We celebrated our 15 years in business on a Brunch Cruise along the Willamette River .

* The Internet becomes more widely used - TT begins using E-mail and our website is established.

* Training Manual and Workbook was completed for new employees

* TT gets its first color printer

* Recidivism Study was completed. Wow - 14% recidivism w/in 1 year.


* TT expands to Douglas County and Jefferson County

* TT develops VIP - offering an additional group for property crime offenders

* We begin to see the increase of ID Theft

* Lisa Parker became our Central Oregon Regional Manager

* TT is a guest speaker at a Criminal Justice Seminar in Phoenix , AZ


* "The Psychology of Stealing" is purchased by the Guam Judicial Center who plans to use our materials to develop similar programs.

* TT conducts its first Portland Seminar

* We sell our Teacher's Manual to a School in Bogotá; Columbia so they can model our school services programs

* TT expands to Polk County

* TT is on MSNBC - "Caught on Tape" - a documentary on shoplifting.


* Temper Talk begins development of an online class

* TT is featured in "Counseling Today" article

* TT is featured in an article in "Teen Magazine"

* TT conducted our first 3 day out of state seminar in Fargo , North Dakota

* TT conducts private sessions for out-of -state clients - 1 from Idaho , 1 from California .


* TT developed a volunteer "Support Group" to lend further counseling to clients who want more than the 4 hour class.

* TT is featured in "Good Housekeeping Magazine" for an article on women who steal.

* TT expands to Josephine County

* Sonja Trigo begins as TT's Spanish Translator and The Adult Spanish Session is developed.

* TT celebrates 20 years of business with a Board and staff Cruise

* TT develops 10 ways to stop stealing cards

* TT develops new letterhead

* TT conducted a 3 day seminar in Charlotte , North Carolina

* TT conducted a 1 day seminar in St. Joseph , Missouri

* TT conducted a 1 day seminar in Arlington , Texas

* TT is on Nick News on the Nickelodeon Network

* The first major changes in years were made to the TT counseling presentation in the MR and Caring segments.



* TT begins quick consults ($9 to $20) and the E-class ($75)

* The National Center for the Study of Theft Behaviors is founded

* Portland Marathon Fundraiser!

* TT expands to Marion County

* TT creates a Library of all theft related materials

* TT contracts with the US Army

After 17 years, TT moves to a new location.

* TT conducts 3 day seminar in Minnesota

* TT conducts 3 day seminar in Zanesvile, Ohio

* Singapore duplicates "THEFT TALK" as its official model program.

* TT develops a professional 4 hour training video

* TT Recruits Trish Wyers, Ph.D as its new Executive Director
* TT develops PACT Program, (Parents Are Continuously There) for parents in violation of Court ordered child support payments.

* Dr. Wyers resigns as Director, Steve Houseworth, founder appointed Executive Director of the agency.

* Recidivism Study was completed: 13% property crime recidivism w/in 1 year and 15% w/in 2 years..

* Celebrating 25 years of service to our community!

* "TT" approves of a company divide, creating "THEFT TALK" Online Services, an independent company focusing exclusively on online theft class services. "THEFT TALK" Counseling Services and "THEFT TALK" Online Services agree to be cooperative partners to the benefit of our clients.
* TT is the host service provider for PACT (Parents are Consistently There)
* Pact marketing and development were the focus for the year. Decision to focus on Multnomah & Clackamas County PACT.
* Surviving the Depression was the entire focus.

* "THEFT TALK" rebranded itself to the name - Outcome Alternatives
* "THEFT TALK" created its own online class (through Litmos) for our Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington County Clients. It is a 6 hour program for adults. We also offer Tri-Met class online.
* Created an 8 hour version of our in-person theft class.

*Celebrating 30 Years of Service!


View a slide show of "THEFT TALK" Over the years . . .

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