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Theft Offender Counseling, Stealing is a crime


General Information


The Juvenile Offender Program is designed for youths 12 through 17 years of age. The juvenile program serves over 1,300 youths annually. 

Who is appropriate?
This program is appropriate as a preventative experience, if you suspect your child has stolen one or many times.

What is offered?
Through the use of impact counseling and education, no long term or ongoing counseling is necessary for most minor offenders. The Juvenile Offender Program is a one-time three hour group counseling session consisting of 8 to 10 youths with parents sitting on the outside of our circle as observers.






Dear Parent, Guardian or Professional:

"THEFT TALK"™ Counseling Service is a private nonprofit organization which is dedicated to providing theft prevention and diversion services to juveniles. Since 1983, our counseling services have reached thousands of young people.

At "THEFT TALK"™, we realize how difficult it is for families to deal with these issues. Hopefully, this program will prepare, both you and your child for the future. "THEFT TALK"™ has designed specialized programs which meet the varied needs of all age groups.

"THEFT TALK"™ is not a punishment. One of our primary objectives is to counsel and educate young people so that they may be informed and thus, more able to make better choices in the future. By focusing on responsibility, our attempt is to get the child to accept the fact that he/she is fully incontrol of his or her behavior. We find that most youths are not bad kids. The vast majority of people involved in theft have misperceptions about stealing, its effects and seriousness.

We focus on WHO can stop them from stealing, WHY it is wrong to steal, and WHAT value they place on others.

Parents are encouraged to attend with their child because they are an absolutely critical component of our program. Parents are the only ones who can do a thorough follow-up. Parents typically leave our sessions wondering why their children have not heard this information before.



Steve Houseworth





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