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Over the years, "THEFT TALK"™ has received national recognition in magazines such as Seventeen, The Lookout, The Business Journal, Consumer Reports' Zillions Magazine, The New Yorker, Counseling Today, US News and World Reports and Teen Vogue. HBO and MSNBC have  featured our services.  No other agency in the nation is known to provides specialized theft counseling services. "THEFT TALK's"™ staff have become known as the theft prevention and diversion experts. All counselors have a minimum of a Bachelors Degree in the social sciences and are supervised by a Masters level counseling psychologist.  

No counselor is allowed to provide "THEFT TALK"™ counseling services until achieving Certified "THEFT TALK"™ Counselor status.  Getting "Certified" is a lengthy process with very high standards including weekly training, video training, one on one training, full staff training, session observations, co-counseling, supervised counseling sessions, extensive reading and regular peer review. Once "Trained", counselors strive for Advanced "THEFT TALK"™ Counselor status.  Our "Advanced"THEFT TALK"™ Counselors have achieved mastery of "THEFT TALK"™ principles, philosophy and delivery.



  Our Staff  

Our Board Of Directors

Dina  Cyphers

Dina Cyphers, Director

Certified "THEFT TALK" Trainer
Certified TTCS Counselor


  Lisa Parker, Board President
Dienne Irwin, Secretary of the Board
Cari Vandecoevering
Larry Delaunay
Markus Fant
Steve Houseworth
Kiara Green
Steve Houseworth

Steve Houseworth, Founder

Certified TTCS Counselor


Kim White

Certified TTCS Counselor

  Information Services Department
(3 Staff)


Gary Hansen, Bookkeeper

Financial Accounting / Government Reporting




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