What do "THEFT TALK" Clients Say?



Female, age 16

        Comment: It showed me what I have really done.

Male, age 15

        Comment: It taught me that if I steal it will hurt the people I care about.

Male, age 17

        Comment: It was a little enlightening. I have learned some since the incident and I have learned even more at "THEFT TALK".

Male, age 15

        Comment: I realize now why I did what I did was wrong and who it hurt.

Male, age 17

        Comment: It was a helpful experience. I have always know it ends and begins with me.

Male, age 16

        Comment: "THEFT TALK"T is a good thing to go through because it teaches you something in life.

Female, age 14

        Comment: It was worth my TIME

Female, age15

        Comment: It was a helpful way to learn about my actions, hurting other people and who can help you stop.

Male, age 16

            Comment:  I think it was the most positive thing I have done toward stealing.

Female, age 14

Comment:  "THEFT TALK"T helped me realize what I was really doing when I was stealing and who I was hurting and why.

Male, age 16

            Comment:  It helped me understand who I was effecting and how.

Female, age 16

Comment:  I never realized the people I was hurting.  I was an uncaring person.

Female, age 17

Comment:  It was informational and it showed me the major impact on other people.

Casey, age 16

Comment:  I learned a lot about who I hurt.

Rebecca, age 15

Comment:  I liked it.

Andrew, age 18

Comment:  It was a learning experience.

Russ, age 17

Comment:  It opened up my mind a bit.  It also helped me to no longer want to be inconsiderate.

Deana, age 17

Comment:  It was good because now I know it hurts people when I steal food.

Jessica, age 16

Comment:  I realized that when I stole it was taking other peoples time.

Ronald, age 15

            Comment:  It make me think about who I hurt.

Arturo, age 16

            Comment:  It helped me a lot.

Derek, age 17

            Comment:  Eye opening

Justin, age 17

Comment:  Thanks

Kevin, age 15

Comment:  I think it teaches kids to think about stealing and after that they make there own decisions.  All the counselors can do is educate the people, and let them go from there.

Stanley, age 16

            Comment:  I was a great experience.

Calen, age 16

Comment:  It was very informative and made me realize things.

Kelly, age 17

Comment:  I learned a lot from a 3 hour session.

Dustin, age 17

Comment:  It was a good class and the whole circle thing was good to learn.

Hannah, age 17

Comment:  It was interesting.  I realized who was really the victim, what stealing was, and how I was hurting others.

Vincent, age 15

            Comment:  I learned that I am hurting other people besides myself.

Karmen, age 17

Comment:  It made me think a lot and I am "HAPPY" that I took the class.

Nathaniel, age 17

            Comment:  It definitely changed my opinions and views.  Thanks.

Ashlee, age 17

Comment:  I'm glad I got to take this class because it makes you realize how many people you hurt and affect.

Craig, age 11

Comment:  Don't steal, it is taking time away from other people's work.

Josh, age 16

Comment:  It really made me stop and think about what I did a lot more then I ever had before.

Kevin, age 17

Comment:  I think it will be easier to not steal the next time I am confronted.

Matthew, age 16

            Comment:  It really made me stop and think

Mandi, age 15

            Comment:  I have learned about how stealing hurts people.

Ricky, age 11

            Comment:  I think you helped me.

Phillip Peterson, age 16

            Comment:  Theft Talk helped me learn.

Africa, age 12

            Comment: I've learned some new things

Nicole, age 12

Comment:  I learned what stealing really does to the people who you steal from.  Not just that you get punished for it.

Stephen, age 16

Comment:  Now I am informed on who is hurt when you steal

Cristin, age 13

            Comment:  I'm glad I got to learn about how it hurts others.

Lindsey, age 16

Comment:  I learned a lot.  Many things mentioned apply too more than just theft.

Bobby, age 17

            Comment:  It was helpful.

Thomas, age 16

            Comment:  Made me stop and think about how I hurt.

Debbie, age 13

Comment:  I learned some important things that I didn't know.

Meg, age 15  

Comment:  I never realized how the financial hurt was also taking time!  I guess I would say I was enlightened.  Thanx 

Cade, age15

            Comment:  I thought it gave me a new perspective.

Samantha, age 15

            Comment:  It made me think a lot about my actions

Jennifer, age 15

            Comment:  You can help people

Wafa, age 18

Comment:  The only question I had was how it could hurt corporations, and you answered it. Thanks


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