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Choosing a Best Practices Theft Intervention/Diversion Program
There are several issues related to choosing a best practice theft intervention program. Some of the issues discussed include agency, training, session and program content. The National Center for the Study of Theft Behaviors makes recommendations.

Shoplifting: A review of the literature
Reprinted from Aggression and Violent Behavior , Vol 3/No 3, pp. 219-235, 1998 Therese Krasnovsky and Robert C. Lane , Shoplifting: a review of the literature, Copyright 1998, with permission from Elsevier . http://www.sciencedirect.com/science

"THEFT TALK"™ Theory and Philosophy
"THEFT TALK" ™ deals with the way the theft offender thinks. We look at what people who steal are thinking (looking for thinking errors), what they are not thinking (looking for thinking omissions) , and give some suggestions on what they might start thinking about.

Client Comments:
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What do our juvenile clients think about "THEFT TALK"™

Our Staff and Their Training
No counselor is allowed to provide "THEFT TALK"T counseling services until achieving Certified "THEFT TALK"T Counselor status.  Getting "Certified" is a lengthy process with very high standards including weekly training, video training, one on one training, full staff training, session observations, co-counseling, supervised counseling sessions, extensive reading and regular peer review. Once "Trained", counselors strive for Advanced "THEFT TALK"™ Counselor status.  Our "Advanced"THEFT TALK"T Counselors have achieved mastery of "THEFT TALK"T principles, philosophy and delivery.

The Psychology of Stealing
Mr. Houseworth, a Juvenile Department Policy Analyst, is cofounder and Program Director of "THEFT TALK"T Counseling Service Inc. He is the author of The Psychology of Stealing: The truth about why people steal .  He is a Masters level counseling psychologist. Counseling theft offenders is Mr. Houseworth's special interest. For more than 28 years, Mr. Houseworth worked in juvenile justice and detention. Mr. Houseworth also teaches juvenile law, delinquency and justice at the college level. Steve's strengths include his focus on trying to balance research, theory and practice. To him, nothing is more inportant than evidence based interventions.

Counseling Today Article about "THEFT TALK"™
The following publication is reprinted from Counseling Today with permission from American Counseling Association . BY LAURIE HAYES

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